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Our Facebook Groups

Click on the images below to visit any of the three WBC Facebook Group sites:

WBC "Community of
Faith" Group

The community group of Willesborough Baptist Church, Ashford, Kent.

The group is an aid to fulfilling our vision and mission to be a growing, God-centred community, actively engaging with the wider community, and excited by all that God is doing among us.

WBC Community of Faith

WBC Messy Church Group

Messy Church is for people who find it hard to get to church on a Sunday. It is held once a month, on a Saturday afternoon.

A typical session includes games, craft activities, a 10-minute church service and a light meal. It's not a club - it's a church, but nothing like you've experienced of church before.

WBC Messy Church

WBC Furnace Page
Furnace is a great club thingy 4 youth every Sunday night.

It's like church 4 young people but a lot more fun than the ordinary church and generally pure awesomeness :P

WBC Furnace Group

WBC website features

Our current website was launched in January 2010.

WBC web site

We include updated content on a weekly basis,  so watch this site for the latest information.