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WBC Purpose, Values, Vision and Focus Areas

Purpose, Values, Vision

At the end of 2013 we came before God as a church to discover what he had for the future of WBC over the next 3 - 5 years.

This journey of discovery is a journey we are still engaged in together, but in the  intervening time much has been made very clear about what God is calling us to be and to do in this town of Ashford.

The sections below summarise the key principles of all that we have discovered together. In bringing this whole matter before God, we believe he has communicated his mind and his will for us by his Spirit. What we have received forms the basis and framework for all we do as a church going forward. It shapes our approach and it characterises our worship and service.

 Simply stated, at WBC our purpose is to be:

"A passionately God-centred family,
committed to sharing his life-changing power"

This statement indicates why we exist. There are challenging and exciting days ahead for WBC. As a church family we are to be galvanized together to make vision become reality.

However, all that we long for will never be achieved without the empowering Spirit of God igniting our hearts to worship, work and witness for God, to be a vibrant life-imparting family of God.

It is … ‘not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit’ says the Lord.’

We strive by God's grace to become such a church in the town of Ashford, and we welcome all who share this purpose to join with us in ministering as part of the WBC community.

On our journey of discovery we have identified the things that characterise WBC as a church - the values we hold dear as we engage in worship and service.

We are a Bible-based church and our core values all derive from this:

WELCOMING – We are an inclusive caring community, actively welcoming all ages and cultures, promoting a sense of belonging and togetherness

RELATIONAL – We are an informal and relaxed family; supporting, encouraging and valuing every member

ADVANCING – We move forward together in our spiritual journey, encouraging a commitment to become all that God created us to be

PRAYERFUL – We express our dependence on God through prayer, seeking his sovereign will in all situations

AUTHENTIC – We act with integrity, honesty, openness and consistency in all we do

GENEROUS – We demonstrate generosity in all we do, willingly giving our time, energy and resources wherever needed

These are the things that will be evident as we work out our vision in practice.
Vision and Focus Areas

The vision of Willesborough Baptist Church is as follows:

“As a committed, spiritually maturing and integrated family,
we will be seeing many people coming to faith
and being added to the church,
through our practical demonstration of God’s love.”

This is not just a goal to achieve, but more of an ongoing process that is being worked out practically in everything we do as a church. It captures the commitment we are making together. Consequently it is both our vision and our mission - it is what we want to see happen, and it is also what we must do and be with God's help to make it happen.

We will realise this vision by engaging in three major activities in our church life at WBC over the coming years:

Equipping  -  Extending  -  Engaging

Each activity will have two specific focus areas.

EQUIPPING the church with new levels of resources, drawing on the power and provision of God’s Spirit
  • Focus Area 1: There will be a Renewed Priority of Prayer
Prayer will be a priority in every aspect of life at WBC, both personally and collectively. Prayer will underpin all that takes place and will be powerful and expectant.
  • Focus Area 2: We will commit to Increased Provision of Resources
There will be a spirit of even greater generosity, to fully resource both present activities and future opportunities. The levels of people resources and finances within the church will over-supply the needs.

EXTENDING into new areas of spiritual growth and maturity, both as individuals and as a church
  • Focus Area 3: We will see Maturing Personal Discipleship
Everyone will be growing and maturing in their personal walk of faith. We will put specific tools, resources and mentoring opportunities in place to facilitate the spiritual development of each individual.
  • Focus Area 4: We will develop an Extended Leadership Capacity
There will be more leaders at WBC. They will be impassioned and supported to lead with enthusiasm and depth. The leadership will be representative, effective and visible, demonstrating the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.

ENGAGING in new ways with each other and with the community, seeing God in action as his kingdom advances
  • Focus Area 5: There will be Greater Integration Within the Church
We will see the results of proactive hospitality and friendship-based engagement with those on the periphery of the church, welcoming them closer into the core family as they grow in their own experience of life-transforming faith.
  • Focus Area 6: There will be Greater Impact Beyond the Church
The community around will be impacted by the love of Jesus shown through the people of WBC. Our activities will be relevant and practical, providing guidance for living in today’s society and pointing the way to faith in Christ.